Alexander Crosdale E-Portfolio

The content of this E-Portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done and the challenges I have overcome.





My name is Alexander Crosdale; I am currently attending the University of California, Merced where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.  Ever since I was a boy, I was always taught to always express myself thoroughly and concisely whether through my writing or words, but I often found that I could not express myself that well in writing. As I progressed throughout school, there were times that I felt that I was becoming a better writer while other times I felt I was doing worse but slow progress it still progress.

After I graduate from the University of California Merced, I plan on pursuing a career in Computer architecture where I will continue my Post-secondary education and expand my horizon by exploring other fields in computer science. After I gain enough experiences in the field I hope one day I can start my own company.

As a computer scientist I will be working with an array of people and personality so being able to communicate whether through written word and speech will be very important. Although writing is not going to be my job, it will be a big part of it.

Throughout the year as I went throughout my writing 10 course I began collecting and storing my work to later show case my collection and reflect up on it in an E-portfolio .The content of this E-portfolio will my show the quality of my work, my improvements, my strengths, my weaknesses and challenges I have undertaken throughout this semester in my writing 10 course. The components of the E-portfolio has been broken up into 6 parts the introduction, process, Rhetoric, Collaboration, Research ethic and Craft.

The artifact I will be including in my introduction will be my first written paper of the semester, Paper one which was a research Proposal entitled How Money Affects consumerism in America. The reason why I chose my research proposal as my first artifact was to exemplify the process of writing which I have been taught this semester in my writing 10 classes, the first two steps being prewriting and outline. This assignment was mean to narrow my scope so I could create a more concise topic which I can support and expand on throughout the semester.

As a result of this class, my argumentative writing skills, my ability to be coherent and concise has vastly improved. In addition, I have become a more critical and logical thinker because of my writing 10 class. I now have the tool needed to traverse any problem I have faced and may face in my writing career. For example, one of the hardest things for in writing is starting/ introduction but thanks to writing process which I intensely practice throughout the semester I was able to overcome my predisposition and move forward; The writing process includes prewrites, outline, first draft, peer review, revising, second draft, feedback, final draft. These are some of the skills that I have learned and shall continue to use in my writing career hence forth.

 Paper 1

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