Alexander Crosdale E-Portfolio

The content of this E-Portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done and the challenges I have overcome.


Throughout the semester I found that collaborating with my peers has not only increased my capacity as a critical thinker but also it was one of the best ways to learn the class material and synthesis more concise ideas. One aspect of peer collaboration which I enjoyed was class discussions; my two first discussion topic were canvas reading five, The Social Responsibility of Business is to increase its Profit, and From Critical Thinking to Argument, why the pledge of Allegiance should be revised (65-68). Canvas reading five was analyzing a question and From Critical think to argument was a summary and analyze of an essay. In class discussion there were a set of rule I followed before composing my responses for my fellow peers, first I was make ideas as concise I possible could and make sure that I could answer the following questions why does it matter and how does it relate to the class central theme; money. After I have answered those questions for myself I compose my answers for discourse.

Another aspect of collaboration which further helped me in the development of my ideas, grammar and style was giving feedback to my peers.  Thought I am a good editor I realized that peer review is not just revising written work but the ideas that are presented in the work as well. This was a very hard task for me until I was given the invaluable tools for this task such as rubric and in class instruction. I learned that these tools were meant to help me and my fellow peers develop over ideas to persuade a specific audience while adhering to academic standards.

The two artifacts I did the most collaboration on, were paper two which was my annotated bibliography and research proposal.  In my opinion paper one and two combined had over seventy percent of the lesson synthesis, grammar and structure styles we learn throughout to the semester.  I collaborated with over four of my peers for the bibliography and two for the research proposal. By using the rubric and in-class instruction/notes I was able to give comprehensive feedback to my peers as well as receive them. When I read my peers Bibliography I made sure that they were not repeating their summary in there analyze but rather analyzing their sources and for the proposal rather than just proofreading I gave constructive feedback to strengthen their papers. Another thing that I checked for in the bibliography was if their sources were scholarly or popular and whether they had the require amount set by the paper two rubric scale.

Other than helping my peers in their development, I believe this was also a growing process for me too because paper two and one were one of the first annotated bibliography and research proposal I had ever written. In closing I think collaboration with such a diverse group of peer myself included was very substantial and influential in not only my writing process but I believe I was influential to the writing process of my peers.

Revised Annotated Bib

Why the pledge should be revised exercise

Canvas reading 5 activity

Alex Crosdale_Proposal


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