Alexander Crosdale E-Portfolio

The content of this E-Portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done and the challenges I have overcome.


When writing I try to be as clear and concise as possible, that means that everything from my structure to words I choose has to be concise. What this means is that I am constantly finding new way to improve myself. Though my writing styles can be practice the same can’t be said for my academic vocabulary, in order to expand my vocabulary I had to read a lot and also look up words on the internet because the best way to expand my vocabulary is through exposure. I had to expose myself to a lot of college level reading (canvas reading), by doing this I began to see how to effectively use high level words as well as pick up a few along the way.

One important lesson that I learned in my writing 10 class about crafting was that the power of language and words choices will define my work. What this means is that the power of language used in my work along with my word choices will determine my point of view or tone on what I write about. I learned that when writing I should always choose the right tone which can vary from work to work; meaning that sometimes it’s best to take an affirmative stances but other times it best to remain neutral because I might appear bias to the audiences I am trying to reach.

While reading academic discourse material such as canvas readings I often employed my knowledge of various types of tone to make connections and analyzes when reading. When I use these tactics in my own work such weekly response artifact five and six I am able to see the connections between them. Thought the weekly responses are continuous and changes from weekly when I revised them I notice that they are not so different; the main objective of the class was to synthesis ideas about how money affects us as humans and as a society while improving my critical thinking. I noticed in both my weekly response while revising them that I not only did I summarize what I did for that week, I saw that I also analyze and made a connection to a prior weekly assignments; weekly response five.

The general theme that I saw recurring in the weekly responses was how money directly affects culture, society, and thus indirectly affects our life choice and even our morals. The common ideas that keep recurring were how money affects us; each week after I had made the connection between the weekly Reponses, I would go back and analyze how money affected the building block of society such cultures and laws and compare it to my current information. By doing this I gain an in-depth understanding of the course purpose which was like a domino theory because by understanding what the course was trying to teach I was able to  synthesis my ideas and make connection very quick  thus I did better in class participation sections such as lecture and readings discussion.


Writing 10 Journal #6

WRITING 10 journal 5



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