Alexander Crosdale E-Portfolio

The content of this E-Portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done and the challenges I have overcome.


Every year I learn something new about how to research properly according to the academic standards that has been bestowed on me. In my opinion, though the different levels of writing courses offered at UC Merced built upon each other, they are relative different because they each require a different set of styles, formats, structure and of course research ethics. Particular this year’s writing 10 courses was my first every persuasive writing class. Persuasive writing is not the same as expository writing which I had gotten “accustom” of over the years. Throughout the semester I believe I have been able to practice citation formats above all else in my writing. An important concept that I came to understand is that in persuasive writing I should try to persuade my audience to “believe” what I want them to and to make that happen I must give evidence to why they should believe my claim.

In academia, scholarly evidence must be provided to support my claim unless told otherwise but I can’t use evidence without giving recognition to its source because that would be plagiarizing. This is where citation formats such as work cited pages and in-line citation are useful, as you will see in my final draft of my alphanumeric outline and my annotated bibliography. In my alphanumeric outline I used work cited page because even though it was only an outline, evidence used in my outline were not my intellectual property so I was required to give credit to the author. To prove my point, in my analyze sections of my bibliography, I often quoted sources that I used in my bibliography so I had to use in line citation to tell where I got my sources directly; in line citation occurs after the quote or end of the paragraph in which it was used.

Thought merely citing a sources is half the battle, finding reputable sources is no easy feat it was because of the resources I was expose to, which were listed in my library visit journal, such as professional assistance from the university librarian, access to the school’s as well as international scholarly database and scholarly material used in course study definitely lighten the load.

Reflecting on my language background and its influence on my education, I have to say that one of the biggest problem that I found that constantly plague me was writing how I speak; I am prone to do so in nearly every writing assignment. I believe that because of these tendencies I am able to be unrestricted when I write which increases the quality of my work, with correction and proof reading. If I set limitation for myself when writing a paper I block my creative process. Bringing back a lesson from writing one sometimes the best way to write is by writing “shitty drafts” because by just writing I do not self-impose a writing block that will block certain ideas, analyze and connection that may be crucial to my paper synthesis.



Library Visit Journal



Citation Exercise


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