Alexander Crosdale E-Portfolio

The content of this E-Portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done and the challenges I have overcome.


Before I start writing a paper, a reading or a discussion (speaking), I first go through my process, which is to familiarize myself with the task at hand, generated my ideas and a plan of action based what I want to accomplish. When I am reading an author’s work before I lay eyes on the piece, I envision what I want to get out of the piece,  I think to myself how is this piece going to change my mind or thought on something relevant to the topic . After these ideas have cross my mind I do I quick skim through for thesis or the main ideas and the purpose, which gives a little background information about the piece I am going to read. After I find the thesis and I have skimmed through the piece I reread and annotate, underline and highlight important notes; one instance among others, that I followed this process was with the diagnostic essay before I started the letter portion. After I have followed my process and understand the topics/prompt then I begin drafting/writing my paper

Other than the diagnostic which was a mini assignment one assignment’s rough draft that gave me more practice in refine my process was paper one. The readings which I used to formula my paper were extraordinary long and with my notoriously short attention span I would have definitely lost my way before completing the readings. By utilizing my process for reading, I was able to find the main ideas, purpose and all relevant evidence before finishing the piece. I still had to finish the reading because I knew if asked I should able to summarize, paraphrase and analyze any of my readings with precision; which I could. Though it was a rough draft I trained myself to adhere to guidelines expected in the academic community so rigorously that I wanted to create a work cited page even though it was not require for this assignment. The last thing I wanted was to plagiarize someone else work even if accidentally, because in academia is as serious offence with serious consequence.

Another writing assignment that I used my writing process in throughout the semester was the weekly responses. The synthesis of each and every weekly response not only helped practice my MLA formatting,  but each one was another chance to reread past materials and to think critically and logical about how they tight into the class’s purpose; all while thinking how to incorporate all my reflections into words concisely and coherently. To me, every time I do a weekly response it was another change to better my writing process. For example, weekly journals (1-3) were not cited, had grammatical error and did not even have a work cited page because at the beginning of the semester my MLA formatting was not good. Weekly journals (4-5) show improved citation, less grammar error and work cited pages; I was very pleased to see improvements that have occurred this semester in my works.








WRITING 10 journal 3





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