Alexander Crosdale E-Portfolio

The content of this E-Portfolio is a reflection of the work I have done and the challenges I have overcome.


One of the hardest challenges I had to overcome this semester, since I am not the greatest writer, was following all the rules of academic discourse to the best of my ability and knowledge. I believe that my rhetorical skill has risen to a level where I no longer struggle as much to conform to the constraints that are place onto me while rising to the occasion. Learning the basic of rhetorical analysis and academic discourse conventions in my writing 10 class shown in attached artifact notes two, Critical reading: Getting Started, and a supplementary artifact, has made me a better reader because now I have a better knowledge of what to look for and where which have greatly decrease my reading and analyzing time.

For instance, in canvas reading six entitled Should Working Class Get B.A and Ph.D.’s which was written by Briallen and Johanna Hooper I was able to jump into the reading and locate the main idea/purpose  and evidence supporting the author claim very quickly by looking in strategic spot throughout the essay. The main ideas of this work were that college is not for everyone and it should not sought after because there is no choice, there is always a choice; by choosing to go will make it a more fulfilling journey. The Evidence that supported the authors claims where scatter throughout the work but I found that their main (major) support was their reflection on their firsthand experience experiment located in the short paragraphs 12-15.

Another reading which I utilized my rhetorical analysis skill set was entitled the Good Life by Roper Center. Thought I was a just graph it was what they graph represented to me when I made a connection between the graph and another canvas reading. The graph represented the demoralized society we live in today which only cares about personal pursuit and thing with a price tag rather than thing with longevity such as bond, relationships and their community.

One thing that has always helped me with readings is to I think about the works relevant in current society in order to become more aquatinted with the topic. A very important lesson that I learned from my writing 10 class shown in attached notes one, summary vs. Analyze,  is  that though summarizing and paraphrasing gives good insight into a work, analyzing it may sometimes proves difficult because I sometimes cannot understanding the underling meaning. One technique which I was taught in my writing class in hope of overcoming this predicament was to think about it relevance the works hold in today’s society and or how it relate to me. I found that this technique or way of thinking critically has greatly improve not only the quality of my works but it enable to come up with more concise analyze. If I can relate to my reading directly or indirectly whether from knowledge of the topic or actually life experience I will be able to coherently write, think and analyze reading, lecture prompt etc. better than I was able to do before.





summary vs analysis notes

Supplimentary Artifact

The Good Life (canvas 8)

Should the working class get Ph.d (canvas)

Getting Started Note


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